About Us

PacRim Wines & Spirits serves as the Japan regional office for a full range of premium wine and spirit producers. Incorporated in 1999, PacRim assists brand owners in qualifying importers and then providing effective in-market distributor management. In addition, PacRim provides select importers with export coordination and shipping services.

PacRim Wines’ key strengths are based on “Japanese-style” long-term relationships and their extensive contact base through all channels of the trade. This potent combination can only be acquired after years of working the market.

Premium Wine & Spirits, established as a Japanese corporation in 2008, provides support services to PacRim Wines. Their head office is located in Osaka with a branch near central Tokyo for easy access to most importers’ headquarters. Currently active in Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Korea, China and expanding across Asia quickly. In 2012 we opened our Singapore office, Intrigue Wine & Spirits.

Our Services

  • Identify potential importers in Japan that can competently represent your brand
  • Manage the relationship with your importer in their own language and cultural framework
  • Provide direct sales and marketing support from a proprietary database
  • Support A&P activities from development phase to execution
  • Attend trade events in the region on your behalf
  • Negotiate pricing, payment terms, contracts, allocations, A&P budgets and test marketing implementation
  • Provide sales staff training and education
  • Assist with ordering and shipping logistics