Craft wines Co.

craft wine co

was formed in order to bring all three of our brands under one roof, both metaphorically and physically.  We began wine production at our current facility in Carlton in 2014 and continue to pride ourselves on making authentic wines with a genuine sense of place.  Winemaking practice across all three of our brands is intentional, minimalist and focused on small lots with little intervention.  Using native yeasts, minimal sulfur, no fining additions and no filtration when possible, we attempt to allow the purest expression of this unique and diverse region.


began in 2008 and we continue its homage to the rich history of the Willamette Valley by producing simple, fresh, approachable wines using traditional methods.


was started in 2011 by our winemaker. Chad Stock, as a series of one-off experiments, and continues to be a innovator of experimentation and research.  Minimus pushes the boundaries of winemaking and viticulture by continuously exploring the possibilities in this diverse region.  We use a variety of fermentation vessels, and work with as many cultivars and clones as we can, often producing experiments that will never be repeated.


label was created in 2014 in order to give us the opportunity to showcase wines so special to us that we want to isolate and highlight them as individuals, rather than blend them into larger produciton.  These wines will be different every year.

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