Dreyer Sonoma

It all began in Southern California. Our Great Grandfather was among a wave of German immigrants to settle in Oceanside where the family first farmed in California at the turn of the century.

In 1952, the Dreyer Family laid roots in the heart of California’s agricultural mecca, the Central Valley. Spurred by the remarkable growth of wine consumption in the 1970’s the family focused on cultivating grapes and making fine wine. Continuing northward the family eventually settled on a small vineyard ranch in Woodside and in Glen Ellen in the Sonoma Valley.

The youngest son, Jonathan Dreyer, was given the reigns to continue to grow the family business. To compliment the limited yields from their home Ranch, Jonathan continued north to Sonoma to find the best possible fruit. Upon partnering with well-regarded vintners, the Dreyer-Sonoma label was born.

Today, we continue to cultivate our relationships with the finest wine growers, picking the best Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay for Dreyer Sonoma wines.

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