Ferdinand’s Gin

Uncork the flavour of the Saar

One of the most fascinating wine regions in Germany is situated in the tri-border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France where the Saar meets the Mosel. Here in the region of the Saar where the most valued Riesling-Producers of the whole country are located in between gently curved hills, the story of the Riesling-Infused Ferdinand’s Saar Dry Gin begins in 2013.


The herbs, spices and fruits used in our gin are delicately balanced and are mainly cultivated by oureselves. All our botanicals are hand-picked. Our own red vineyard peaches, quince- and rubinette apple trees are growing right behind the distillery delivering a richly flavoured fruity taste. The lavender comes from fallow vineyards in the Konzer Tälchen. Almost all our botanicals are cultivated in the garden.

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