Oak Ridge Winery

For five generations, my family has been growing grapes and making wine in the area of Lodi, California. We make wines that we like to drink, whether it’s for a big family gathering or a quiet night at home, and we’re delighted to be able to share them with you. –Rudy Maggio

Our Wines

These old vines have a story to tell. For generations they have stood up to sun and rain, each year producing grapes that capture the essence of the soil that surrounds their roots. (click logo to visit the website)

Old Vines and their descendants are vessels of an eternal soul that offers wisdom, strength, and stability. These prized wines are better balanced, with more body and structure.

After five generations the Maggio family proudly puts its name on bottles that reflect their long and uncompromising commitments to sustainable agriculture and winemaking excellence.

Oak Ridge Winery selects the lots most representative of the Lodi’s expressive terroir from our land holdings to come into Oak Ridge Winery and be crushed under our own name.

Gnarled and ancient, the Zinfandel vines from this vineyard produce some of California’s most sought-after fruit, producing a wine supple and complex.

“Silk” is the softest of wine textures, reserved to describe medium-bodied wines that are flawlessly balanced: rich, concentrated wines aged in oak that impart a toasty vanillin flavor and nose.

“Storing, aging and transferring wine in oak barrels imparts both flavors from the wood as well as improved body and structure to the wine. This event also adds the beauty and color of a wine-stained belt around the barrel and adds to the overall aesthetic of a a nurtured and exceptional wine.

3 Girls is the captured & bottled pure essence of innocence and youth. 3 loving owners watching their 3 loging daughters transition from childhood into young adulthood. “Never underestimate the power of three!” With Pride and Love, Enjoy!